How Spray Foam Work for Soundproofing

The Guide for Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation
November 9, 2022
The Benefits of Open Cell and Closed Cell
November 25, 2022

How Do Spray Foams Work?

The porous nature of open-cell foam makes it possible to block out noise and lessen sound. Noise reduction is improved by the expansion and absorption, making it more difficult for sounds to get through. Growth and absorption promote noise reduction by making it more difficult for sounds to pass through. Expands and fills the tiniest gaps, turning your home’s walls into structures with the highest ratings for sound transmission class.

613 Spray foam is a fantastic insulation for cold and heat because of its expanding and sealing processes. It can increase the efficiency of your company. This same technology that offers insulation also helps in blocking out sound.

Why Spray Foam May Be a Better Choice

Spray foam is not only excellent insulation for soundproofing due to its acoustic qualities but also because it is highly flexible and versatile.

In areas with difficult-to-reach crevices or odd configurations, fiberglass can be more challenging to set up because each piece must be cut in a specific manner. When you use foam, it expands to fill the tiniest crevices, ensuring no air or sound leaks.

In terms of longevity, fiberglass is the precise winner time. As time passes, the fiberglass swells and can leave small gaps between the edges. These gaps decrease the efficiency of soundproofing.

Many people use acoustic panels or foam to block excessive sound in their homes. But, they only work on high frequencies and cannot fully soundproof the room.

What Are the Options Available?

There are two kinds of foams we employ that we use closed and open cell foam. Though both are beneficial in various tasks, such as insulation, closed cell works better at sound absorption since it’s much more porous.

Sonaspray “FC” Acoustical Treatment

The mix is spread in the form of uses fibers and allows for using a thin, highly efficient method of controlling sound. This treatment for sound control uses fibers and a strong adhesive to adhere to many surfaces. Its adaptable nature can be applied to various smooth surfaces, making it ideal for difficult places, such as corrugated decks, domes, and many more.

K-13 Acoustical & Thermal Insulation

Although the soda spray treatment is excellent for covering hard surfaces, this insulation enhances fire mildew, mold, and fire resistance. It is because natural recycled fibers used in it get chemically treated. When the insulation is applied, it is bonded to an adhesive with a unique patent, resulting in cloud-like textures. It gets commonly used in gyms, parking garages, or sound studios. It also gets used in sports facilities.


This particular soundproofing product gets utilized to create insulation against heat. It has to get endorsed through national bodies for code enforcement and insurance companies that insure against fire to deter the ignition of the polyurethane foam and reduce the burning rate. The insulation material is typically placed over foam in existing structures or used as an additional layer of protection on new construction projects. The insulation material is generally placed over foam in existing systems or utilized as an extra layer of protection on new construction projects.

The Spray Foam Specialists

With 613 Spray Foam, We provide many different services. Our skilled experts carry out, from noisy warehouses to office areas using top-of-the-line products and methods to decrease the noise level of commercial structures. If you have any commercial needs for soundproofing, Contact 613 Spray Foam now at (613) 319-8422 or email us at

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