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November 25, 2022
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November 30, 2022

The open-cell spray foam is lighter and less dense and expands between 100 and 120 times the size. Due to this, the foam has a lower value of approximately R3.5-4 per inch.

Closed cell foam is denser, heavier, and expands up to 33 times its size. It results in closed-cell foam with greater R-Values, usually about R7 per inch when it sprays.

Benefits of Open Cell Spray Foam

There are numerous benefits when you use open-cell foam for your project or home. One of the greatest is that the total cost is much lower than closed-cell spray foam. The reason for this is the product manufacturing process being much less costly and the cell composition and expansion that open-cell spray foam has. Since it expands more than the closed-cell spray foam, it requires less material to cover the same area, which could reduce labor expenses.

Additionally, because the open-cell foam expands at an even more significant speed than closed-cell foam, it quickly covers every corner of your home. It will ensure an adequate air barrier in spaces that are difficult to access and helps to keep the conditioned air within your house.

Another benefit of open-cell foam spray is that it’s hydrophobic. It means it can retain less than 5% of the weight. So what does that mean to you? It means that if you find a leak that exposes the insulation to moisture, it shouldn’t require replacement when it’s permitted to dry. Traditional insulation, such as fiberglass, cannot do this since it absorbs the water and causes mold.

Although the open-cell spray foam isn’t an effective repellent for rodents or pests, the foam does not provide any food value to rodents or problems. That means there won’t be any critters in your crawlspace or attic! Rodents and pests do not like it.

Because of the cell structure and composition that open-cell foam has, it can effectively block out sound waves. It can protect and insulate your home and make it quiet too!

Benefits of Closed Cell Spray Foam

There are various advantages of using closed-cell foam to build your house or for a project. One of its key advantages is that it has a greater R-Value than open-cell foam. You’ll be able to increase R-Value while using smaller space and maintaining compliance. Due to the size of the wall, it might occasionally be challenging to meet the R-value standards for building codes.

The closed-cell foam may also use for building exteriors since it may become a vapor retarder and prevent bulk water from entering it. So, the closed-cell foam will be the best option when it’s ideal or most convenient to install insulation outside the structure.

Are you constructing pole barns in an area with strong winds and worried about the flex it can cause to the metal? Closed-cell foam is an excellent option for preventing this! Because of the rigidity and the cell structure of the closed cell foam, it also increases the structural stiffness of the building when applied. Because of the rigidity and the cell structure of the closed cell foam, it also increases the structural stiffness of the system used.

Which One Should I Pick?

Suppose you get located in an area with an ordinance that requires an R-Value higher in specific locations. In that case, you might have to use closed-cell foam to comply with the code since it offers a greater R-Value per square inch than open-cell foam.

Suppose you’re interested in the advantages of spray foam, and the application permits it. In that case, you could see significant cost savings by using the open-cell foam instead of the closed cells because of the reduction of materials and labor expenses. It can lead to a lower overall price for the project.

Suppose you’re building with many problematic areas to insulate because of many crevices and nooks that are hard to reach. Open-cell may be the ideal choice because of its rapid growth rate. It can effectively seal these areas efficiently and quickly.

They are both closed, and open cell foams accomplish the same purpose. They both make your home more secure, will last the entire life of the structure, and will dramatically reduce the cost of cooling and heating! They are both closed and open-cell foams that accomplish the same purpose. Although there are some specific instances and projects for which we’d suggest one product over another, all it boils down to is what you do. The customer is looking for what’s essential for your project.

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