How Does Closed-Cell Foam Insulation Work?

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May 5, 2022
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May 12, 2022

It Is the Sort of Foam Insulation That You Need to Use

Congratulations on pushing your home’s performance to the next level and using spray foam for insulation. If you do some research on this subject, you’ll discover two kinds of spray foam you can choose from: open and closed cells. Which one you choose is contingent on your specific situation and, more specifically, the space you’d like to spray and your budget. Read further for an understanding of the distinction between the two.


The cheapest of two insulations made of spray foam on the market, open-celled spray foam has its “open” due to the cell that creates the foam’s matrix. After the foam gets sprayed and expanded, the cells trap air until it has hardened and functions as an insulator.

Spray foam made of an open cell has a greater degree of flexibility than the closed cell, and that’s because it’s softer than a closed cell. It is a better choice for those areas that require less insulation or areas with regular temperature fluctuations. The type of foam insulation has an average of about R 3.5 for every inch, which is an insulation value.

It’s vital to remember that water can permeate them and create an air seal because foam cells are open. Because of this feature, it’s essential to be aware that this form should not make a vapor barrier.


Closed-cell and open-cell insulation share the same characteristic that both are composed of cell layers that have to get packed together. The distinction is that the closed foam in a cell is “closed” and contains gas trapped inside the cells. It is the gas trapped in the gaps that act as insulation. It has a higher R number than the air and increases the foam R-value to 7 R per inch.

In addition, closed-cell foam is more robust and doesn’t permit the flow of moisture that allows it to act as an air barrier. It also gets used as a structural reinforcement. It is ideal for places that require additional insulation and protection against water. Exterior walls, roofs, and attics are the perfect locations to utilize this specific foam.

These two insulations have transformed the insulation world. DIY kits are available for purchase, but it gets advised to choose a trustworthy company as it requires a certain amount of finesse.

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