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January 5, 2023
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January 17, 2023

With every home having unique issues and numerous upgrades to pick from, it may be challenging to sort through the retrofits that improve your home’s comfort and efficiency. Yet, we have heard repeatedly that basement insulation can make the most difference to Ottawa homes! As 613 Spray Foam contractors, we speak with a variety of homeowners in Ottawa who are interested in knowing what home improvements can make the most difference. Here’s why.

What Is the Reason Basement Insulation Works for Ottawa Homes?

Suppose you choose an experienced local basement insulation company to insulate the space beneath your home. In that case, you’re creating an enclosed space. Insulation will stop any transfer of warmth between the exterior of your home’s areas, like the foundation and outside. When your basement is air-sealed and adequately insulated, it no longer depends on Ottawa’s freezing winter temperatures or humid summers. The more stable the temperature in your basement, the more steady the temperature throughout your house! The benefits of basement insulation are:

  • There are no more cold floors to walk on in winter!
  • Greater indoor temperature stability
  • Reduction of “stack effect”
  • Lower heating & cooling costs
  • Fewer indoor drafts

The Best Method to Insulate the Basement

Certain insulation companies might tell you that insulating your basement floor is the only thing you need to do to protect your basement. But that’s not true! The ceiling insulation can make your feet colder; however, it won’t make a difference to the actual temperature inside your home and may result in frozen pipes in the water and distribution networks of cold heating systems. We have found that the most effective method is to insulate your basement walls. Why is that? The basement walls are where your home is the most susceptible in the face of unstable Ottawa weather, including the intrusion of moisture, cold air drafts, and the transmission of frigid temperatures across your foundation’s brick, stone, or concrete wall surfaces.

By insulating the walls of your basement, you’re stopping those unwelcome temperatures from reaching your living space and not merely preventing these temperatures from reaching the floor.

Spray Foam in Comparison to Rigid Foam Insulation? It Depends

The other aspect of insulating a basement is to close all air leaks. For older homes with brick or stone foundations, the spray foam insulation expands the product, which air seals and insulates the entire basement. If you are building a new home with identical concrete basement walls, the taped and sealed rigid foam panels are an ideal solution. These treatments benefit Ottawa homes that experience humid air in the basement during the four seasons. The less moisture you have in your house, the less your chance of getting moldy.

613 Spray Foam Basement Experts in Insulation

If you suppose unsure about the insulation you require, whether it’s an environmentally-friendly insulation option for your basement that’s not finished, insulation for sills in your basement or basement floor, or whether it is necessary to insulate exposed pipes, we’re. In that scenario, this ensures you have the data you need. In that case, we will aid you in reducing heating loss in winter months and prevent summer winds from blowing through your living space.

Do you need help determining the most effective home improvement for the Ottawa home? Get advice from the pros! Go to 613 Spray Foam today by calling (613) 319-8422 or emailing

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