Proper basement insulation is important because an uninsulated basement can account for as much as 25 percent or more of a home’s total heat loss. Whether your basement will remain unfinished, be used for storage or be finished for use as living space, make sure it is properly insulated with the right amount and kind of insulation.

Unframed, exterior basement walls should be insulated with blanket insulation, which can be installed horizontally or vertically. Typically, the blanket is held against the sill plate at the top of the basement wall with furring strips. In addition to the furring strips, you will need patch tape, and depending on the installation method you choose, possibly a nail gun and special fasteners for driving into concrete or cinder blocks. If you need a nail gun, be sure you become completely familiar with its operation before using it.

It’s a good idea to wear a work helmet when installing basement insulation. You certainly want to avoid injuring yourself on exposed framing members such as ceiling and floor joists, exposed nails and other hazards
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