The Lower Density Is A More Economical Choice

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation is a high yield, high quality product that is essential for today’s rising energy costs. One of the advantages that the lower density provides is a more economical yield, since foam density is directly related to yield (lower density = higher yield). Although the R-value of open-cell foam is about half that of closed-cell foams, these products can still provide excellent thermal insulating and air barrier properties.

  • Provides dramatic savings in heating & cooling costs
  • Creates a seamless air barrier
  • Helps to eliminate the growth of mold
  • Breathes (very slowly, still is an effective air barrier)
  • Provides excellent noise reduction due to softness
  • Lowest cost among different foam types

Open cell spray foam insulation is spray-applied as a liquid, expanding 100 times its volume. It cures within seconds to fill every crack and gap. Compared with traditional insulation, spray foam provides up to 50% energy savings due to its inherent, perfect air seal.

This type of insulation material uses open-cell technology, which offers the best R-value/cost ratio. The high energy savings are the result of very low ACH (air changes per hour) ratings. Open-cell spray foam insulation performs as an effective air barrier but does not qualify as a vapor barrier. Building scientists are divided as to whether vapor barriers are always needed or not.

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