The Modern Homeowner’s Choice 3 Advantages of Spray Foam

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April 21, 2022
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Homeowners must continue to improve their building materials to withstand regular wear and tear because every renovation has the potential to compromise the structure’s long-term viability. It is why many homeowners of today are turning to spray-on roofing. Get tips on using rigid, long-lasting materials that are easy to work with and require less care.

Roofing systems are subject to all kinds of environmental destruction. In addition to the daily impacts of the harsh sun, dust, dirt, and other types of debris could scratch and tear the roof. Because of the environmental impact, it is critical to reinforce roofing systems with additional materials. You can lessen the risk of water damage, cracks, and other structural difficulties.

How effective is Spray Foam for Roofing?

An applicator gets used to apply spray polyurethane foam to various surfaces. It’s a fantastic solution for structural projects that affect industrial maintenance and Cold storage facilities. The primary use of spray foam roofing for residential homes ensures soundproofing, waterproofing, and electrical insulation. In addition, homeowners choose to enhance their homes by using spray foam roofing to gain additional benefits.

We’ll go over three main reasons why modern homeowners are using roofs made of spray foam:

1: Convenient Installation

Traditional roofing systems usually require various equipment for installation, which drives the cost up. Termination sheets of rubber, different rubber strengths of metals, and other fitting techniques are essential. It is good that spray foam roofing is a much more convenient procedure.

Spray urethane can be applied by heating it and then transferring it by a mixing machine, making it simple to put in place without glue or screws needed. Professionals use this mixing device to mix chemicals before releasing the foam. It takes only some hours and only just a few people to finish.

2: Costs of Energy Get Reduced

Spray urethane foam can be an effective solution to various structural issues. It’s a fantastic method to reduce energy consumption by effectively removing the need for seals and holes. Because it’s applied with fluid, this product has a higher chance of filling micro-holes that let air flow through.

The transfer of air inside and out of a structure is an R-value. It determines the capacity of an object to withstand cold and hot air transfer. The higher R-values, the more excellent the material’s resistance against cold and heat. The good news is that spray polyurethane foam comes with a convincing R-value of 6.5 for each millimeter of thickness. Compared to available conventional solutions, this is the most efficient insulation choice.

The HVAC system consumes less energy as you deal with fewer airflow regulations and insulation gaps. When the weather is harsh, you can expect to pay less for energy.

3: Doesn’t Require Tear-Off Solutions

Spray urethane foam can cover existing commercial roofing, resulting in a smoother installation process and preserving the roof’s general structure. Unlike traditional roofing options, Spray urethane foam does not require total roof replacement. Only the most damaged areas of the top need to be repaired or removed, while the rest will get reinforced using spray Urethane foam.


Creating more efficient design solutions will continue to evolve over the years. Therefore, homeowners should be aware of the latest solutions and services available on the market that benefit them. Your home will get equipped with an option that will last for a long time, improving energy efficiency overall and reducing structural issues by investing in spray-on roofing.

We utilize the top SPF roofing technology to make your home more energy-efficient and improve interior air quality. With 613 Spray Foam, we’ll provide your home with the modern roofing treatment required. If you need spray urethane foam solutions for your home, contact us: at (613) 319-8422 &

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