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April 7, 2022
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April 14, 2022

Why Do We Need Closed-Cell Foam Insulation?

Instead of using traditional insulation such as wool, fiberglass, or bead spray foam is an excellent method to reduce energy expenses. It provides a more significant amount of insulation when compared to conventional insulation since once the foam gets sprayed, it expands and becomes rigid. It will make your home warmer and cost you less than the traditional insulation type.

Closed-cell spray foam is less likely to permit water to enter the household. Closed-cell foam works by encapsulating the air within it, which boosts the foam’s thickness. It helps reduce the humidity present in your home and reduces dampness getting into the walls. Although it’s slightly higher priced than open-cell spray foam, it doesn’t require you to buy a dehumidifier or air conditioner because the spray foam makes your home less suffocating.

What Is the Reason Spray Foam Insulation Getting So Well-Known?

Spray foam with closed cell technology is getting more popular in Ottawa because of its efficiency and cost-effective method to reduce the cost of utility bills. Closed-cell foam can hold more water when it’s hot because it is damp in the air growing as temperatures rise. However, in the cold winter months, the foam will keep warmth inside since it will not allow cold air to get inside the walls. The ability to trap moisture and heat means that your home will be excellent all year long, even when scorching outside. It’s a win-win-win regardless of the conditions.

Closing cell foam may get utilized for any structure because of its flexibility. It is sturdy but compact and can get applied to residential buildings, warehouses, or office spaces. It makes it a great choice to provide insulation for your workplace, ensuring that your workspace is as relaxing to work as your place of residence.

Spray foam is a great option to fill in small gaps and cracks in your house and massive walls. If you live in a flood-prone area, closed-cell foam stops water from getting into the structure. It is an excellent way to save costs if your house is vulnerable to damage due to excessive water infiltration. Furthermore, spray foam can adapt to large areas and smaller ones due to its ability to expand. Call 613 Spray Foam at (613) 319-8422 or send us an e-mail at info@613sprayfoam.ca.

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