Is Summer Attic Insulation Beneficial?

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October 14, 2022
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Attic insulation is known for its capacity to keep our houses warm in the cold winter. Did you realize that insulation can also help keep your home cool during the summer?

The installation of new attic insulation can help your home keep temperatures in summer. It results in more living conditions and fewer energy costs. You can learn more about how insulation functions and how it might benefit you in the summer.

The Heat Always Moves Toward the Cold

The heat will travel from warmer to colder regions, and the larger the temperature differential, the faster it travels.

If you operate your air conditioner in the summer, the temperatures inside your house drop considerably below the outside temperature. It means that the heat from outside will attempt to find its way into your home. The more intense it is out, the quicker this will occur.

Insulation Keeps the Summer Heat Out

It’s nearly impossible to maintain your house cool during the summer months in the summer when there is a constant flow of heat. It is the reason you need to invest in effective insulation.

Insulation is a way to create a barrier that reduces heat flow. In the winter months, the insulation holds heat in your home. During the summer, it keeps it from escaping.

All sections of your house need to be insulated, including the walls, basement, crawl space, and attic. Attic insulation is essential in the summer. It’s because the sun’s rays hit your roof all day during summer and heat it. Your attic absorbs the heat before transferring it to the cool living spaces below. The new attic insulation can help during summer by slowing the process, making your house cooler, and increasing your energy usage efficiency.

Spray Foam Insulation Blocks Heat, Moisture, and Air

Spray foam insulation can be among the most efficient attic insulation since it functions as an air and moisture barrier. If installed correctly by a skilled spray foam insulation contractor, Spray foam insulation will keep your attic dry and relaxed throughout the summer and provide benefits such as:

  • Energy savings
  • Better comfort
  • Lower levels of humidity
  • Reduced chance of growth of mold

The best spray foam insulation company for Ottawa households is 613 Spray Foam. We will help ensure your home is comfortable throughout the year with our expert attic insulation installation.

Cool your home this summer by installing the latest attic insulation. Contact us at (613) 319-842, or email to request a price.

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